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Streamline your processes from top to bottom with our flexible, scalable, cloud-based ERP that will grow with your small to midsize business. Whiz Synergy has all of the modules and features you need to deliver the highest quality products and services to your customers.

A closer look at the Whiz Synergy solutions


Inventory, BOM & routings, manufacturing, quality, inventory costing, project manufacturing, tools management

Run your production floor like a well-oiled machine. With Whiz Synergy Manufacturing, you can plan and schedule production, print job and work orders, and manage post production and production backlog with ease. Whether your manufacturing needs are simple or complex, the features in Whiz Synergy’s Manufacturing can maximize efficiency across your entire production process.

Top Features:

  • Bills of material (BOM) & recipes
  • Operations & lead times
  • Resources & costs
  • Production planning & scheduling
  • Manufacturing & repair work orders
  • Backflush accounting (post-production usage)
  • Work-in-process tracking & counting
  • Barcode scanning
  • In-process inspection

Sales & Distribution:

Sales, inventory, project management, purchasing, quality, dispatch, inventory costing

Maintain all your sales and distribution functions with ease. Whiz Synergy Sales & Distribution makes it easy to manage customer credit limits, payment and freight terms, and custom pricing details. Whether you are a Make-To-Stock manufacturer or manage a complex Make-To-Order environment, the features in Whiz Synergy’s Sales & Distribution will help you maximize your response time for a better customer experience. 

Top Features:

  • Customer management, e.g. price lists & volume discounts
  • Inquiries, quotes, & customer orders
  • Credit check & credit release
  • Project & work breakdown structure (WMS)
  • Project budgeting
  • Project progress with Gantt charts
  • Independent tasks & tracking
  • Project-based sales orders
  • Multiple shipping methodologies (direct ship, pick & ship, pick, pack & ship)
  • Shipping documents
  • On-time delivery analysis
  • Sales margin analysis

Inventory & Purchasing:

Inventory, purchasing, quality, inventory costing, barcode scanning, mobile apps

Ensure your inventory gets to the right place at the right time, every time. Whiz Synergy Inventory & Purchasing will optimize your inventory based on current demand and future forecasts to reduce your inventory carrying costs. Whether your inventory is pegged (project-based) or non-pegged (free), the features in Whiz Synergy’s Inventory & Purchasing will make shortages and excess inventory problems of the past.

Top Features:

  • Material requirement planning (MRP)
  • Min-max planning
  • Reorder point planning (ROP)
  • Customer inventory
  • Vendor consigned inventory
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Approved supplier part lists
  • Supplier price lists
  • Blanket & standard purchase orders
  • Approval hierarchies
  • Receipts & returns

  • Supply/demand visibility
  • Vendor documents via Email
  • Stock areas & locators
  • Physical & cycle counting
  • Replenishments & Interplant transfers
  • Sales & work order picking
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Numerous notifications
  • Quality plans & elements
  • Multiple inspection methodologies

Accounts & Finance:

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, tax management, fixed assets & depreciation, general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet & profit & loss statements, financial dashboards

Process and analyze all of your financial data in one place. Whiz Synergy Accounts & Finances makes up a cloud-based, integrated accounting system that lets you conduct your business anytime, anywhere. With an intuitive user interface that displays accurate information in real time and can generate charts and graphs for all the most important variables, the features in Whiz Synergy’s Accounts & Finances has everything you need to track and manage all of your accounts.

Top Features:

  • Sales invoices, credit & debit memos
  • Sales & purchase registers
  • Cash receipts & applications
  • Cash & bank transfers
  • Receivables invoice aging
  • Payables invoice aging
  • Vendor payments
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax elements & rates
  • Fixed asset maintenance
  • Depreciation calculations & posting
  • Project & cost center accounting
  • Statutory reports

Warehouse Management:

Warehousing, inventory, purchasing, quality, barcode scanning, mobile apps

Gain control over your inventory and optimize your warehouse resource utilization. Whiz Synergy Warehouse Management captures transactions in the system in real time to enhance your inventory accuracy and the overall productivity of your warehouse. With the features in Whiz Synergy’s Warehouse Management, you’ll never have to worry about erroneous inventory numbers or wasted resources again.

Top Features:

  • Inbound receiving
  • Outbound shipping
  • Stock areas & locators
  • Locator sequences
  • Bulk picking
  • Physical & cycle counting
  • Replenishments & Interplant transfers
  • Sales & work order picking
  • Inventory movements

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