Scalable features for all your sales needs

Streamline your sales processes from top to bottom with our flexible, scalable, cloud-based CRM that will grow with your business. Whiz Sales has all of the features you need to deliver the highest quality sales experience to your customers.

A closer look at the Whiz Sales features

Management Dashboards:

Monitor leads and customer follow ups weekly, monthly or yearly with these highly customizable dashboards.

Access real-time status of leads—hot, won, or lost. Create and monitor custom tasks to stay on track with workflow. Display messages, notifications, and even send customer greetings and receive birthday reminders.

Sales & Performance Tracking:

Define and assign targets on specific criteria such as units, value, financial year, category, sub-category or product, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly and more.

Both managers and sales representatives can view and analyze the progress of these targets at the individual or team level. This “smart sales” target configuration and tracking is the benchmark for an expert CRM system.

Follow-Up Notifications:

Ensure that your sales team will never miss a sale because they forgot to follow up.

They’ll receive frequent and timely reminders for important events, tasks, meetings, demos, emails, and much more with our robust notifications system. So much redundancy is built into these notifications that your sales reps cannot miss them.

Business Intelligence:

Access superior BI and analytics reports through easy-to-use, customizable dashboards.

Sales managers can view timely charts for the entire team, department, or an individual, and make key comparisons. These reports, available across various time intervals, provide comprehensive analytics of sales funnels and performance, sales by product category, sales by teams, sales versus leads, and more.

Expense Management & Tracking:

Take the complexity out of expense reporting with this robust, online solution that includes everything from expense statement submission to approval, expense tracking, notifications, travel requisition, and expense analysis by employee or department. Your account and sales managers will easily stay on top of their expense reporting and tracking.

GPS-Enabled Attendance:

Track employee attendance via their mobile phones by using geo coordinates.

Sales managers can view timely charts for the entire team, department, or an individual, and make key comparisons. Whether your teams are spread across multiple locations, work from home, or a combination of both, getting their timely and accurate attendance can be a challenge. GPS-enabled attendance tracking can capture multiple check-ins/check-outs to ensure accurate working hours and expedite payroll processing.

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