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These are just a few of our clients who have benefited from using Whiz Synergy ERP.

In this client’s dynamic manufacturing environment, every order is unique. Because of this, orders are difficult to plan for and deliver on time.

With Whiz Synergy, Renuka was able to resolve the internal communication challenges between the Design and Production departments, handle each individual order on separate machines with proper planning, and implement WIP traceability.

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For this client, managing inventory of more than 10,000 items was a tedious job. One of the top challenges was keeping track of stock on hand.

Whiz Synergy provided them with a simple way to do a min-max plan to keep critical items in stock and manage their inventory based on supply and demand.


This client’s biggest challenges were in managing their manufacturing processes and tracking their stock daily.

Whiz Synergy enabled them to get daily reports for on-hand stock and inventory costs on mobile. And it improved the accuracy of their financial reporting as well.




“We have found Whiz Synergy & Sales very useful with regards to the data capturing of sales. A useful tool for anyone in the value chain who wants to keep a daily check as to where their sales numbers are moving.”

CEO, Plasto Printing & Packaging



“e-Whiz offered a comprehensive ERP delivered on a cloud platform, with extension development toolkits and mobility. The flexibility of the solution to customize without affecting the core product and the innovative architecture was impressive.”

CEO, Prowess Engineering

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