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The complete enterprise solution designed for manufacturing & distribution

Whiz Synergy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates all your business processes into a single robust solution. It is designed using cloud and mobile technologies, enabling you to conduct your business anytime, from anywhere. Developed specifically for small to midsize companies, Whiz Synergy is modular, so you can select only the modules you need to run your business efficiently. Whether your business is local or global, this flexible, affordable, scalable, and efficient solution will streamline your processes, allowing you to deliver the best possible products and services to your customers.



Run your entire production floor like a well-oiled machine with production planning and scheduling, job and work orders, and job costing reports, all from your Manufacturing control panel.

Sales & Distribution

Maintain sales functions with ease by managing customer pricing lists, credit limits, payment terms, and more from your Sales dashboard. Email quotes and orders as needed with a single click.

Inventory & Purchasing

Streamline the entire procure-to-pay cycle with MRP, supplier evaluation, document approvals, purchase orders, supply/demand visibility, receipts/returns, and Email/SMS built into workflows.

Accounts & Finances

Process and analyze all your financial data with an integrated accounting system with auto-invoicing for shipments, single-click email invoicing, invoice aging, and sales tax/GST compliance.

Warehouse Management

Achieve control over inventory with this robust solution that allows you to track inventory movement, perform physical or cycle counts, manage dispatch and shipping functions, and much more.


“Whiz Synergy offered a comprehensive ERP delivered on a cloud platform, with extension development toolkits and mobility. The flexibility of the solution to customize without affecting the core product and the innovative architecture was impressive.”

CEO, Prowess Engineering


In this client’s dynamic manufacturing environment, every order is unique. Because of this, orders are difficult to plan for and deliver on time.

With Whiz Synergy, Renuka was able to resolve the internal communication challenges between the Design and Production departments, handle each individual order on separate machines with proper planning, and implement WIP traceability.


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